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Get a Custom Spell just for you, to wear around your neck or place in pocket or purse as well as display on your Alter

Each Spell is Custom Made and using only  the finest crystals and Herbs,  Adorned with a super cute charm, Spell is Cast and  Sealed with Wax


I can make one for protection, love, peace and harmonie or prosperity and abundence!!


All Spell Bottles comes with Crystals, and Herbs specially design for the desired intent

Charm may differ from pic and choosen at the time of purchase 

Handle with care , Glass Bottle

( keep in mind this is a "real" spell and has "real wax" on top, this may rub off so best to place in an open area avoid heat and sunlight)

Comes with a chain and a Bag for safe keeping!

approx. 1.5" tall

"Spell in a Bottle" Necklace

  • Handle with care, glass bottle can break

    Final Sale, NO refund or exchange