Custom made for you, can be made during YOUR ritual or at any time you need it , Using Herbs, Crystals , Oils and  Intentions especially for you and your goals 

To "Charge" and "Activate" the Spell at Home, Hold the jar in your hand(s) during meditation, visualizing your intent and goal  "pushing" this energy into the jar, when you feel it is done, place the jar upon your altar or sacred space and light a tea light on top of it, the heat of the candle will continue the "charging" effect 

Enjoy the candle while you continue to hold the intention and goals in mind, do this as often as you desire and after goal is obtained you can bury the jar outside in the dirt, releasing the spell back to universe (A Full Moon is the best time)


PS Never leave any candles unattended and avoid draft 

If you have any questions just inquire within


 Protection -  Love and Empowerment - Prosperity and Abundance

Honey Jar Spell