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Nina was born and raised in Norway and have a strong connection to the Norse Mythologies, but work with lots of different deities as well as Angels and Demons, she works in the balance of both light and dark, and do not conform to either "white magic" or "dark magic" but rather a balance of both.

Nina always knew there was something different about her, but everyday life kept her too busy to pursue this further, not until she got older and her children needed her less.
She started reading books as well as attending several workshops on various spiritual teachings as well as joining weekly and/or monthly spiritual development classes. 
She felt as though she had to "catch up" fast as she could not get enough. 

Nina quickly become aware of her unique abilities as a clearsentience , clear feeling/sensing  Clairtangency  clear touch and  Clearcoqnizance  clear knowing,  Nina can feel and sense spirit around her all the time and have learned to use this in her readings. She felt guided to use Tarot cards as well as the use of Oracle cards and Pendulum. 

Nina has taken several courses in the Art of Tarot and Oracle card Readings including Doreen Virtues Certified Angel Card Reader (CACR)  

Nina also likes to use a Pendulum for "Yes" or "No" questions during a reading as well as for other uses.

Nina feels passionate about her Spiritual Awakening and loves to teach others. She also likes to help people and finds that a reading will help people get clarification on things going on in their lives and help them see things that maybe they had over looked, as well as get answers to questions.

This site is dedicated to helping people from all over the world,  to find their true Spiritual path and new incite to their own lives

Nina does not belong to any organized religion and don't  want to conform to any one particular group or name. She lives by what has resonated with her over many years of study and learning from various Spiritual teachers.  

Nina can do readings remote so no need for travelling, as she only needs your name and a picture to meditate on during the reading. 
She calls upon your Spirit guides and Angels as well as her own and gets your reading clearly and accurately with out any distractions from any one around her.

Keep in mind she can only tell you what she gets! it may not be what you wanted to hear, but it is what the Angels and Guides want you to know at this point in time.

There is no accident that you came across this page as the universe takes us where we need to be! 
Nina is looking forward to hear from you and is expressing gratitude for the opportunity to get to know you better. Thank you for taking your time to read this page,  may you have a blessed day!

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